What do you want to improve ?

Improve sales

You don't have enough sales on you e-commerce website?

Have more contacts

You want to get more contacts with your website?

Have a maintenance

You don't want to worry about the technique anymore (update...)

You need a Webmaster 2.0 !

What's Webmaster 2.0 ?

A webmaster multipotentialist.

A webmaster 2.0 is a person with the require web experience to help you in any field and fix your problems.

Why contact a Webmaster 2.0 ?

Not enough time, not enough experience? A website management and an online visibility is complex and require a specific knowledge in different field of expertise (SEO, optimization, development... )

Having a Webmaster 2.0 for your business, it's the assurance of having someone saving you time and who use the right tools to improve online visibility.

On which sector a Webmaster 2.0 can help you ?
On which sector a Webmaster 2.0 can help you ?
Conversion improvement (contacts, online sales...)
Content refreshing of websites
Troubleshooting and bugs fixing
Development of new features
Advice and development of your online visibility
JR Agency : Digital Agency

Johann ROCHE

Who's behind the JR Agency ?
Digital Agency Kaizen (learn more +).

On which technology can a webmaster 2.0 help you?

Wordpress eZ Publish Woocommerce Magento Prestashop Laravel Zend Framework PHP HTML CSS Facebook Youtube Instagram

Improve your online visibility together

Take few minutes to explain your needs.

Be the most specific as possible (current situation, issue(s), planned budget, expected goals, deadline, support needed...)

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